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Back Again…

I know that I have been remiss in updating this blog, but ironically I have felt too busy in practice and teaching to write. What I have learned in this rather busy time is the importance of solitude. By spending so much time with patients and students, I have experience lessons that require some time to properly digest. So now I am sitting on a dock in the Kawarthas with the technology of a laptop to help me in this task. What to make of my recent learnings? Humility opens the heart to learning from others. No matter how much I think I  know about healing, patients continue to amaze me with their insights. On an almost daily basis, I feel that I am barely keeping my head above water when witnessing the transformations that people make in my office. One middle-aged woman is rediscovering and reclaiming her true self after years of severe trauma. She inspires me with her thoughtfulness and persistence. Another woman is facing the last days of her life here on earth. She appreciates and gives thanks for all experiences facing her, including her last spring season and final mother’s day. I now realize that anything is possible in healing. Even in the dying process, grace is not only possible but actually permeates each moment. Transformation not only embodies change but also acceptance. Truth is truth is truth.




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